10 Minute Juicy Lobster Tail Recipe

Learn how to cook lobster tail perfectly with the BEST lobster tail recipe!  When lobster dinner is on the menu, it is bound to be a special meal. Lobster meat has a sweet, buttery, delicate taste.

° Lobster Tails ° Butter ° Seasoning ° Lemon


STEP 1: Butterfly the lobster tail. Set the lobster meat right on top of the shell.

STEP 2: Place lemon wedges right under the lobster meat in the shell.

STEP 3: Make a delicious seafood garlic butter sauce to baste the lobster meat.

STEP 4: Brush each piece of lobster tail meat with the garlic butter sauce.

STEP 4: Broil the lobster tails in the oven for 7 minutes. Lobster meat will be super juicy and tender.

STEP 5: Brush lobster tails with more garlic butter sauce.