Crispy Southern Fried Catfish

When you think of a fish fry, you have to think of Southern Fried Catfish! Super crispy, flaky, and full of flavor. This is undoubtedly some of the best fried catfish you'll ever have!

Ingredients: - Catfish fillets - Cornmeal - Seasoning - Oil to fry

Soak catfish in buttermilk

Season and bread the catfish filets in cornmeal mixture

Fry the catfish in hot oil 

Pro tip- Fry the catfish in a cast iron skillet!

Once the fish is golden brown, set it on a cooling rack to drain excess oil.

Serve it with your favorite sides! Catfish + Spaghetti = superior combination!

Or enjoy fried catfish for breakfast with a hot bowl of creamy grits!

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